After the Election

Classes that participate in the 2015 Connecticut’s Kid Governor will also be able to:
  • Follow Connecticut’s Kid Governor throughout his/her term!
    Throughout the governor’s term (November 2015 to November 2016), he/she will work with Connecticut’s Old State House to share information about his/her selected community issue and ways for students to get involved via and social media.
  • Help the governor achieve his/her goals of creating change on a community issue by planning a local project/initiative!
    What better way for your students to understand civic engagement than to practice it themselves! Make use of resources from the Connecticut’s Kid Governor program and Connecticut’s Old State House to take action locally on the Kid Governor’s community issue (ie. pick up trash in a local park to reduce littering, plan a fundraiser for the local animal shelter, hold a food drive for the food kitchen, or start a bullying awareness campaign at your school).
  • Write to Connecticut’s Kid Governor to report on your class’s efforts to create change in your local community!
    As Connecticut’s Kid Governor shares updates on his/her three-point plan, your students will be able to write to the governor about the work they are doing in their own community.
  • Take a field trip to Connecticut's Old State House!
    For a unique, out-of-the-classroom experience, schedule a field trip to Connecticut’s Old State House. Our education team will work with you to craft a program around civics and/or civic engagement based on your classroom goals and objectives. Our Connecticut's 3 Branches and Why They Matter is a great supplement to the Connecticut’s Kid Governor program!