2016 Connecticut's Kid Governor® Elena Tipton

Elena Tipton
2016 Connecticut's Kid Governor

Platform: Campaign for Kindness
School: O'Connell Elementary School, East Hartford
Blog: Kindness is Kool
Press: CTKG Elena in the News
ontact: CKGElena@kidgovernor.org

About Me
My name is Elena and I am your first Kid Governor. I have a campaign and my campaign is all about kindness. You and your class can help me by telling me all about what you do to be kind. One of my goals is to make the thirteenth of every month Kindness Day! A couple of days before the thirteenth I hope to be able to share ten suggestions on how you can be kind that day!

To hear more about my platform and why I chose it, you can watch my introductory interview:

CTKG Elena's Platform
Elena Tipton, the first ever Connecticut’s Kid Governor®, ran on a platform of kindness. She wants to develop opportunities for Connecticut’s kids to share the amazing things that they are doing every day to show kindness.

To achieve her vision, Elena outlined a three-point plan of action that kids across Connecticut can participate in. It includes:
  1. Make the 13th day of every month "Kindness Day" and create a blog where students and schools can share the "awesome" acts of kindness that they are doing.
  2. Work with kids and adults to bring Christian Bucks' Buddy Benches to school playgrounds in CT – Elena has set a goal for 10 schools in our state to work toward getting Buddy Benches.
  3. Listen to the students of CT to find out great things happening at their schools so that we can all recognize and celebrate how awesome kids in CT are.
Watch Elena's campaign video for more about her campaign! 

Highlights from Elena's Term in Office

Elena is Inaugurated as the first ever Kid Governor®!

CTKG Elena's inauguration as Connecticut's first Kid Governor® was held at Connecticut’s Old State House on Friday, January 29, 2016. The seven student candidates from the CTKG statewide election and nearly 180 of their fellow students and teachers came to the Old State House for a celebration of the candidates and an immersive exploration of the three branches of government. Nearly 40 dignitaries and special guests attended the event. 

CTKG Elena and Gov. Dannel P. Malloy Tour Elena's School

Connecticut’s Kid Governor® Elena and the Leadership Team at O’Connell Elementary School met with Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Commissioner of Education Dianna Wentzell at O'Connell School on March 18, 2016. They shared Elena’s Campaign for Kindness and talked about the role of the Governor in our state government.

CTKG Elena's Accomplishments