2017 Connecticut's Kid Governor® Jessica Brocksom

Jessica Brocksom
2017 Connecticut's Kid Governor

Platform: Helping Animals, Those Without A Voice
School: John F. Kennedy Elementary, Milford
Blog: Helping Animals, Those Without a Voice
Press: CTKG Jessica in the News
Contact: CKGJessica@kidgovernor.org

About Me
Hi everyone! My name is Jessica Brocksom and I am honored to have been elected as your 2017 Connecticut's Kid Governor. I look forward to the year ahead and sharing great ideas and suggestions about how we can be kind to animals and prevent animal cruelty. For instance, my school recycled bottles and the money went to our local animal shelter to help a dog who needed eye surgery. 

To hear more about my platform and why I chose it, you can watch my introductory interview:

CTKG Jessica's Platform
2017 Connecticut's Kid Governor® Jessica Brocksom was elected on her platform of Helping Animals, Those Without A Voice. Her platform focuses on three points to give a voice to animals:
    1. Learn about and support tougher laws around animals. 
    2. Promote collection drives for local pounds or shelters. 
    3. Create an educational presentation to be shown in schools across Connecticut. 
Watch Jessica's campaign video for more about her campaign! 

Highlights from Jessica's Term in Office

CTKG Jessica wins the ASPCA Kid of the Year Award
The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA) has announced that 2017 Connecticut’s Kid Governor® (CTKG) and Milford resident Jessica Brocksom will be honored as the ASPCA Tommy P. Monahan Kid of the Year Award Winner. The national award recognizes a child who has made a unique and impactful commitment to animal welfare. Brocksom was chosen as this year’s recipient after promoting her platform “Helping Animals, Those Without a Voice” throughout the state of Connecticut following her election and inauguration as Connecticut’s Kid Governor. Read more...

CTKG Jessica's Accomplishments