Announcing CTKG® Megan Kasperowski's
Stronger Than Cancer Statewide Fundraiser

Watch CTKG® Megan's video announcing her fundraiser and how you can help her raise $1,000 statewide!

CTKG® Megan Kasperowski's platformStronger Than Cancer, is focused on helping people who have cancer. One of CTKG Megan's platform goals is to lift the spirits of cancer patients by providing entertainers who can visit them in hospitals here in Connecticut.  CTKG Megan originally set out to raise $1,000 statewide to hire entertainers to cheer up the cancer patients at Smilow Cancer Hospital in New Haven and the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.  Thanks to the generosity of students and online donors, she has exceeded her fundraising target and set a new goal of $3,500 - she needs YOUR help to achieve this goal!

CTKG Megan invites schools across Connecticut to hold a fundraiser this May to support her statewide campaign. Schools that are interested are encouraged to hold a "Stronger Than Cancer Hat Day" on Friday, May 18, 2018. Every student or teacher who brings in $1 or more will be able to wear a hat that day and will receive an official Stronger Than Cancer wristband in June.

Schools can also hold a fundraiser of their own choosing, such as a school-wide change drive or classroom fundraising competition. 

CTKG Megan reminds all students and supporters that "No matter how big or small the amount, every penny helps. Remember EVERYONE has a voice, and that together we are stronger than cancer!"

Resources for Schools
Stronger Than Cancer Hat Day Planning Planning Worksheet - This worksheet helps students plan a school-wide Hat Day fundraiser in eight easy steps! 

Order Your Wristbands! - Schools that hold fundraisers can report on their donation totals and order their wristbands HERE. Please note that wristbands will be sent to schools after donation checks have been received by CPAN. 

*First Place*
Design by Isabel Schiavo
Thomaston Center School - Thomaston
Statewide progress towards 
CTKG Megan's *new* $3,500 goal!

Download an official Hat Day poster!
Congratulations to our three statewide poster winners!

*Second Place*
Design by Emily Bernard
Brownstone Intermediate School - Portland
Donate Online!
Adults and community members can support CTK Megan's Stronger Than Cancer fundraiser with an online donation! To contribute, simply text:

CTKGMEGAN to 1-844-544-7171 

You can also donate by visiting CTKG Megan's Give Lively page HERE

*Third Place*
Design by Katie Laverty
Brownstone Intermediate School - Portland